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musicMusings : Song for Now

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Song for Now

As seasons change, leaves fall
Cool breezes come
Flowers bloom, flowers fade
All else fails but You

This is my song for now
This is my hope for here
You are my song, You are my song

Incline your ear, turn your eye
Look this way – I’m here
Take my hand, follow Me
Hear my voice? It’s Me

I do believe, I do believe
Lord, help my unbelief

Written : October 12, 2011

A song still very fresh in my heart, Song for Now was a song that just bursted out of my heart in a time when I truly didn't know up from down. I didn't know what the LORD was doing, I didn't know where He was leading...and this text, 'This is my song for now' became my anthem.

I truly didn't mean there to be a play-on-words in the chorus, but I would invite you to reflect on it with me. Saying, 'This is my hope for now', it could be taken a few different ways. First, this is my hope for now could very well mean that it will change, but I had not meant to create this misunderstanding. This is my hope for now purely means it will last for now and for eternity - pointing to the song of hope in my Saviour, pointing to His faithfulness that is sufficient for the circumstance I find myself in. Yet, the song of hope for now also means that this is what I'm singing now, because I believe, though my circumstances may not change, the song I sing over them is hope because He is my song of hope, in every circumstance and will carry me through them. 

As I reflected on the things that do change, namely the seasons around us, I was drawn deeper into an understanding of the providence and sovereignty of God that never changes. And because of this unchanging-ness of our Heavenly Father, I can sing, 'This is my song...' because He is my Song, He is my Hope, He is my Faith.  

What follows is a response, through reflecting on a number of passages in Scripture, where we hear soft words of assurance from our Heavenly Father - I AM, Follow Me, I can be trusted, He says. In response to our circumstances, we can sing this is our Song for Now, because He will never change. Following this is a simple declaration taken directly out of Mark's Gospel (9:24) that Jesus did not condemn. We all have a lack of faith when we are too caught up in our circumstances and not focusing on our Father. And confessing this to Him, we are brought to a greater understanding of His heart and His desire for us to learn how faithful He is to us. 

May this be our song, regardless of our circumstances: You are my Hope, my Song, for now, for always. You are my Song.

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