Wednesday, October 5, 2016

TheStorm : Conclusion

I so appreciate you taking the time to follow along with me through this incredible story of Jesus and Peter on the waves. As I wrote earlier, it just seemed to be one of those ways that I can work through the storms of life. I don’t have all the answers, but I have my Saviour. My friend once told me that Jesus is the Answer – but we need to dare to ask the questions.  I don’t have any idea where you are at on this journey through the storm, but may I dare you to step out in faith?

Maybe you are at the very beginning of the storm and are wondering where Jesus is (because he’s made you get into a boat) – just like the disciples. Maybe you've been questioning who this Jesus is that everyone seems to be talking about. If this is where you are, may I dare you to seek Him out. Pick up a Bible and begin in the first Book of the New Testament - Matthew.

Maybe you have a knowledge of Jesus, but aren't quite sure what He’s doing in your life; you've got one idea of what He should do, but you are experiencing that He’s got a different idea. May I dare you to seek out this Jesus that you don’t quite understand. I promise you that the journey will be an exciting one, yet you need to step out and trust what you cannot see. Be prepared because a lot of His ideas are quite different than ours.

Maybe you've come to know Jesus as your Saviour. Maybe, like the disciples, you've been walking with Him for some time, but you've got your own idea of what it’s like to follow Him. You’re struggling at the oars of life and not really making any progress. May I dare you to trust that where you’re at is not by mistake but all a part of a wonderful plan of Jesus revealing Himself to you in ways that you never thought possible.

Maybe you've been walking with the Saviour a lot of years and have enough history to know that He’s worth you getting out of your own boat to do the impossible. But maybe you’re ‘water-shy’ because you know that you've failed a few too many times. You’d rather not fail again. May I encourage you to call out to Him on the waves. It is always worth it. People are watching. By your faith, they can witness Jesus in action and recognise him as the Son of God.

Or maybe you’re somewhere in the middle of two or three of these. Let me tell you that’s ok. Jesus can meet you wherever you’re at. He’s willing to walk out towards you on the waves. Are you willing to call out to him?

He’s on the horizon of your life. The storm is raging. The wind is blowing. When God doesn't break His own silence, but you know that you need to step out in faith, may I dare you to step out and trust what you cannot see.

It’s worth it. He is worth it. I dare you to call out to him.

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