Saturday, March 24, 2018

To Reap a Harvest...

It's as simple as that, right? Plant and wait. No more. No less. To reap a harvest you must plant a seed and wait...

As I reflected on this painting simply entitled The Sower by Vincent van Gogh, I believe I've come to know a bit more about sowing and the processes that we can discover. It's not as simple as it looks.

Every farmer will tell you that there needs to be just the right weather and temperature to plant your seed. You need just the right time of day.  Plant too early, you destroy your crop. Plant too late, you don't reap what you should have. But in the start of this discussion, there's the part that no farmer takes lightly - it's the waiting.

Plant late, early, or on time - you still need to wait. Every. Single. Moment. You can't rush the 'reap'. You must respect The Reap - the Harvest will come, but you must wait. So, at the risk of slowing right down to a dull roar (to unashamedly make a point), each of these aspects must be respected. You cannot rush the process. You must wait!

One thing's for sure, though. There's a healthy respect for The Seed too. But it's kind of odd. We respect The Seed by throwing it away. Things we respect we cherish, maybe even hide away, and, if people are lucky, we bring them out for Show and Tell on special occasions, but, just as quickly, we hide them away again, allowing our treasured items to collect more than dust on our shelves. And these items may not just be physical things - they could very well be items on our hearts - memories, emotions, bits of ourselves that we dare not show the world for fear of rejection.

So I do acknowledge that it is a bit odd that The Sower throws away the most cherished thing in this picture of The Sower, but as he waits, he knows that there is something magical about to happen. It is worth the wait!

To Reap a Harvest you must plant a Seed and Wait. What is the outcome? What is all the waiting about? The Harvest! The reaping of the fruit of our labours! As you (un)cautiously toss your Seed to the wind, you wait, but not too long - because, in his work, a patient farmer knows - the work will be worth it! To reap a generous harvest, these steps must be done first, but oh the Harvest if we wait!

I'm sure it goes without saying that this image of The Sower speaks more of physical seed and tossing and waiting...I'm sure we can pinpoint many areas in our lives that each of these items could represent:

'The Toss' - that action that you so long never to do; the action that seems to literally throw the item to the wind with a seemingly careless attitude
'The Seed' - that dearly-loved, cherished item that you just need to sacrificially, (un)cautiously throw away for the purposes of something more
'The Wait' - that place in your life that you long never to be in; the waiting, the worrying, the less-than-patient place you find yourself in, that somehow envelops you and deters you from your focus
'The Harvest' - that outcome of The Toss, Seed and Wait cycle; that reaping of your labour that makes it all worth it

What are you holding too tightly to? What's that 'seed' that you need to loosen your grip on? Where have you seen a conscious choice to avoid that dreaded step of waiting, because it's too painful? How can you convince yourself that The Harvest is coming and each step truly is worth it because of the great reward that awaits you, if you only see the importance of each step?

Dare to Toss your cherished Seed to the Wind and Wait...because there truly is a bountiful Harvest waiting!

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