Saturday, March 24, 2018

Who or What will Shape your Day Today?

I believe it to be one of the most important questions that we, as people who walk this planet, need to answer...Who or What will Shape your Day Today?

The truth is...and I use the term Truth whole-heartedly, believing there is absolute truth...we are being shaped every day. We are shaped by our circumstances, the words we hear, by the people that we come in contact with. But as I've travelled into this 'World of Truth' lately, the real truth is I believe we are more effected by our own 'truths' that we tell ourselves, than those supposed truths that we are inundated with every day. Let me explain...

We can be told from a very young age that we are ugly, stupid, etc. but as we grow older, we, in our own self-conscious way, start believing these 'truths' and our world is shaped around these beliefs (speaking as someone who has battled with this most of my life). I start believing this 'truth'. More specifically, I start living my life with the implications of this 'truth'. If I believe myself to be ugly, I view the world with ugly glasses on. If you believe youself to be stupid, you view the world with stupid glasses on. Borrowing the phrase, 'You are what you eat', I believe 100% we are what we think (or hear or believe) about ourselves. But we do have a choice. there hope? Is there a way to be free from these bindings that seem to be so tightly wrapped around us in our lives? Can we be free from being shaped harmfully from the deceptive lies that so often slither their way into our minds and hearts? I believe we can. But it's going to take a lot of work. But at the same time, this work that I speak of is the most simplest thing we could ever do. 

Get up. Go to a mirror. Look into the eyes of the person you see on the other side of the mirror and repeat after me: "I am not stupid. I don't have to live my life this way." "I am not ugly. I don't have to live my life this way..." Continue to speak very clearly into these things that have shaped you and how you see the world. But don't leave the mirror yet...there's another part.

Face the mirror and now speak (positive) truth: "I am unique. There is no one like me. That means I'm beautiful by just being me." "I have a brain and skin and motor skills. These alone make me the most intelligent of beings on the face of the planet - I pale in comparison to many, many supposed intelligent things...that makes me intelligent!"

The sad truth is, who or what will shape our days is almost completely dependent on us - but many of us don't even know it! I have so often bound myself to the habit of believing lies about myself, the world around me and the people in it, that I've forgotten, or worse, can't recognise, what Truth is, even when it's staring me square in the face! Rather than allowing Truth to shape me, I've allowed lies to take its place. And lies are never, ever fun. Lies are like friends that you don't want to play in the sandbox with. The shapes that are built are always a bit off and a bit broken; the buckets the liars use create these sand-castles that are broken and torn.

So who or what will shape your day today? You do have a choice. You can wake up tomorrow and begin to make changes that will drastically change the way you view the world. I've unashamedly quoted it before, but Michael Jackson has an incredible song called Man in the Mirror, '...If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change'.

So what's the answer to the question, Who or what will shape your day today? You! Take it back! Take back what is yours to own. You shape your day today! Tell yourself the truth and make a difference - in your life and the lives of those around you. Start with who you see in the mirror. And take those dang lying-glasses off! You couldn't see clearly with them  on anyway!

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