Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Greet Regret

I've been reflecting a lot on the word Regret. Ever looked at it closely? Ever experience it? I have...I carry Regret with me every day. I Regret things I chose or things I didn't choose, decisions I made that if given the opportunity I would have made a different choice. But doing a quick definition look-up I was struck with what's hidden in this oft-used word - the word Greet. To re-greet a circumstance with kindness, as one would greet an old friend, all of a sudden changes the nuance of the word Regret. As I have had to re-greet my life's Regrets, I have been surprised by the lessons; I have found them not to be times in my life to welcome despair (glass half-full/empty stuff) but to sincerely look at them square in the face and ask, 'What can I learn from you? Why has this been allowed? How can I grow in this circumstance?' So...here I am today - filled with hope and wonder. I have chosen to greet my Regrets as long-lost friends who have made me who I am today and they have become my 'regreets' of lessons learned and the journey yet to be discovered...In my life thus far, I have had innumerable lessons that have been difficult, to say the least, to walk through. But looking forward, today, and whatever this week brings, I greet these lessons from afar and run towards them with great anticipation of what they can teach me about Love, Faith, Hope...and many, many more things. To regret kills. To re-greet restores.

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